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Court finds common law marriage after divorce (access required)


A couple’s long and winding matrimonial road led to a Chesapeake court’s decision to hear a suit to dissolve their common law marriage. The facts in the case of Richardson v. Richardson (VLW 014-8-019) “are somewhat out of the ordinary,” ...

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New film takes aim at family law practice (access required)


Editor’s Note: “Marriage is an institution. Divorce is big business.” That’s the tag line for “Divorce Corp.,” a new documentary on why troubled spouses should avoid divorce lawyers. If you’re a Virginia family law practitioner, you may not have seen ...

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Marriage 101 for family lawyers (access required)


Those of us who have been in the trenches of family law practice for decades have lots of experience with bad marriages.  We each probably know more gruesome details about marriage breakups than we care to remember.  Nagging.  Laziness.  Sloppiness.  ...

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