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Staying on the right side of a support award (access required)

How does an ex-wife stay on the right side of a $6,000 monthly spousal support award? By carefully managing her relationship with her boyfriend, as spelled out in a new decision from the Court of Appeals. Like many ex-spouses, David ...

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Mother’s Rights Terminated for Alcohol Abuse (access required)

The Court of Appeals summarily affirms termination of mother’s rights to her three children under Va. Code §§ 16.1-283(B) and 16.1-283(C)(2); although mother addressed her addiction to PCP, her continuing addiction to alcohol supports terminating her rights. After a long ...

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Wife’s Partnership Interest is ED Award (access required)

Over husband’s objection, a Fauquier County Circuit Court can direct wife to satisfy an equitable distribution award by transferring to husband a 24 ½ percent interest in the family business, governed by the parties’ limited partnership agreement. Husband and wife ...

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