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Gift, Classification Issues Prompt Remand (access required)

After rehearing oral argument in this divorce case, the Court of Appeals reaffirms its holdings that the trial court erred in determining that wife’s monetary and nonmonetary contributions to the parties’ Springfield residence transmuted the residence to marital property, and ...

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Liberty U. law school is defendant in Jenkins lawsuit

The Miller-Jenkins same-sex custody case has spawned a federal racketeering lawsuit accusing various persons, including alleged agents of Liberty University’s law school, of conspiring in the kidnapping of 10-year-old Isabella Miller. The girl disappeared with her birth mother, Lisa Miller, ...

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Father entitled to pay child support with equity in marital home – $25,200 Verdict (access required)

In this case, the parties entered into a written agreement in 2007 that the father would deed to the mother the former marital home in exchange for $300 per month credit towards his child support obligation for seven years, for ...

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