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Statutory ‘Cohabitation’ Claim Survives (access required)

A Richmond Circuit Court overrules a wife’s demurrer to her husband’s suit to terminate spousal support for cohabitation under Va. Code § 20-109(A); because the parties’ agreement was entered into after the enactment of the cohabitation bar provision, husband may ...

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Mom’s move from Switzerland to U.S. did not violate dad’s rights – Verdict for respondent (access required)

The parties are the estranged parents of a minor child. Respondent-mother had relocated with the child from Geneva, Switzerland, to Alexandria in April 2011, and petitioner-father sought the return of the child to Switzerland under an international treaty (the Hague ...

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Changing ‘custody’ statutes might change attitudes

In recent years, some states changed their statutory language to eliminate the legal concept of “custody” from divorce proceedings. Is it time for the Commonwealth of Virginia to get on board?  Instead of relying on the term “custody” when dissolving ...

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