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Retired Husband Gets Spousal Support Review (access required)

Although the parties’ property settlement agreement did not address husband’s retirement, the parties stipulated his retirement was a material change in circumstances and the Court of Appeals reverses denial of husband’s request for support reduction and remands for the trial ...

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No-Fault Divorce Despite Cruelty Claim (access required)

Although husband’s evidence from a private investigator who followed wife as she met an old high-school boyfriend was sufficient to prove adultery, husband and wife continued their relationship and wife’s later alleged cruelty did not act to “revive” the earlier ...

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Hiding something? Forensic accounting plays role in family law (access required)

Divorce clients frequently raise concerns that spouses are hiding assets or income. Often, however, such concerns are the product of the other spouse’s attempts to manipulate the client into staying in the marriage or believing she will ultimately “lose” anyway, ...

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Protecting your client’s business in divorce (access required)

Divorce can be bad business for your client. Mixing a business and its assets with a divorce can become financially and emotionally devastating for the couple and their family, as well as the employees and co-owners. Division of property is ...

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Focus on: Family Law and Elder Law

This week’s special second section focuses on the fields of family law and elder law; the two increasingly are intersecting as families seek to resolve issues with aging parents or changes arising from divorce. The stories you’ll find in this ...

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Affair calculated to boost sagging concert tour, Salahi claims

Northern Virginia’s most famous jilted husband claims his wife’s backstage liaison with rock musician Neal Schon (left) was part of a scheme to revive interest in the guitarist and his touring rock band, Journey. Tareq Salahi has amplified the allegations ...

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