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No Accommodation for Medical Certification (access required)

A bakery could not offer plaintiff driver, who has a surgically implanted heart defibrillator, a lawful accommodation to its requirement that drivers obtain a medical certification in order to drive higher-capacity-carrying trucks, and the Roanoke U.S. District Court grants summary ...

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Fees Awarded in ‘Hostile Environment’ Case (access required)

A female firefighter recruit who won her sexual harassment suit against Fairfax County with a jury award of $250,000 in damages, is awarded $306,705,69 in attorney’s fees and costs by the Alexandria U.S. District Court. Plaintiff prevailed in her Title ...

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No Claim from Teacher Transfer (access required)

Although defendant school system transferred the African-American plaintiff to a teaching position at an “alternative learning school” after a marijuana possession charge against him was nolle prossed, plaintiff has not stated a claim for racially motivated discrimination based on the ...

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No Claim from Isolated Incidents (access required)

A sheriff wins summary judgment in this race discrimination suit in which an African-American male inmate services counselor alleged a “hostile environment” arising from another African-American coworker leaving a watermelon at his work station, a Caucasian coworker making a comment, ...

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Employee Fired for Violating Policy (access required)

An African-American pump truck operator for a ready-mixed concrete company cannot recover for discriminatory discharge under Title VII because he cannot rebut the employer’s evidence that he was terminated when he violated the employer’s conflict-of-interest policy by refusing to give ...

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