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Healthcare Worker Fails to Exhaust EEOC Claims (access required)

In this suit filed by an African-American female healthcare worker who is a native of Cameroon, an Alexandria U.S. District Court dismisses for failure to adequately plead and exhaust, her claims for age and disability discrimination, and for alleged violation ...

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Store’s Arbitration Agreement Does Not Violate OWBPA (access required)

Dillard’s department store can enforce an arbitration agreement against four employees alleging termination in violation of the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, as the parties’ pre-dispute arbitration agreement does not violate the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act, says a Richmond ...

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Employer faces harassment trial for third-party acts (access required)

When an employee of your biggest client is sexually harassing your employee, it’s a tough situation to manage. The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hasn’t officially looked at whether an employer can be liable for harassment by non-employees. But ...

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Boatyard Owner Shared EEOC Charge, Plaintiff Claims (access required)

A magistrate judge for the Richmond U.S. District Court says an African-American boat painter with 16 years experience who filed an EEOC charge after he was fired without explanation by Deltaville Boatyard LLC, can amend his Title VII lawsuit alleging ...

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‘Sweetheart Deal’ Severance Pay Suit Dismissed (access required)

A county HR director terminated in a budget-based reorganization loses her suit alleging her severance package was less generous than the “sweetheart deals” offered male employees; a Richmond U.S. District Court says plaintiff had no contract right to a severance ...

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