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Court Upholds Firing of Quality Control Manager (access required)

A Lynchburg U.S. District Court grants summary judgment to defendant, a manufacturer of fragrance and personal care products, in this Title VII race discrimination suit filed by an African-American male who was terminated as defendant’s former director of quality control; ...

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No ‘Twiqbal’ for Affirmative Defenses (access required)

An African-American female former vice president at defendant bank who alleges she suffered disparate discipline by her white female supervisor and was terminated instead of transferred, as were white employees, has her motion to strike defendants’ affirmative defenses denied by ...

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No Claim for Promotion & Training Denial (access required)

The Department of Defense Contract Audit Agency wins summary judgment in the Alexandria U.S. District Court in a race discrimination suit filed by an African-American agency manager who alleges he was unfairly denied a promotion and various training opportunities, and ...

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‘False Records’ Firing Not Pretext for Age Bias (access required)

A female 52-year-old manager of a storage facility loses her age discrimination suit because she did not show her termination for alleged falsification of time and mileage records regarding trips to the bank was a pretext for age discrimination; on ...

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