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Owner Claims ‘Rusting Hulks’ Pollute River (access required)

An owner of a 6.8-acre parcel along the waterfront of the Elizabeth River may sue defendant owner who allegedly has “overcrowded the waterway” with idle, rusting vessels, that fill with bilge water and discharge pollutants; the Norfolk U.S. District Court ...

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Group Can Sue for Surface Water Pollution (access required)

In the Sierra Club’s suit alleging defendant Dominion violated the Clean Water Act by contaminating groundwater and surrounding surface waters from its Chesapeake Energy Center power plant, the Norfolk U.S. District Court says plaintiff has stated a plausible claim based ...

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River Groups Can’t Intervene in Uranium Suit (access required)

In this suit by owners of uranium mining rights challenging Virginia’s statutory ban on uranium mining, the Danville U.S. District Court denies two environmental groups’ motion to intervene, as their views on injunctive relief do not rebut the strong presumption ...

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