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Sticking to the script: Ethics issues can arise with metadata mining (access required)

Electronic documents can tell a tale at odds with the surface script, and dealing with “metadata” can present temptations to corporate counsel when an email hits the wrong person’s inbox. Metadata includes the hidden information that describes the history, tracking ...

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‘Professionalism’ for the ‘ethical’ lawyer (access required)

Most lawyers use the words “professional” and “ethical” as synonyms for some vaguely defined “good” lawyer behavior. However, the concepts are really quite different, and lawyers hoping to act “professionally” sometimes must examine the ethics rules for permission to do ...

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Bill seeks bar membership for law profs, court won’t block (access required)

Some Virginia law professors would be eligible to practice law even though they have not passed the bar exam under a bill introduced at the General Assembly. The proposal has been advanced by Washington & Lee University law Prof. A. ...

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