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LEO addresses plea deal restriction

A prosecutor cannot offer a plea agreement to a defense attorney that makes not disclosing the identity of a witness to the defendant a condition of the deal, according to the Virginia State Bar’s Standing Committee on Legal Ethics. The ...

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LEO on undisclosed recordings adopted

The Standing Committee on Legal Ethics of the Virginia State Bar finally has a formal position on the troublesome issue of using undisclosed recordings to investigate and develop a case. The committee adopted Legal Ethics Opinion 1802, which shifts the ...

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‘New media, new ethics, new selves?’

Security cameras in stores. Employees recording conversations with their bosses. Cameras that catch red-light runners. Police putting GPS devices on vehicles. We live in a “surveillance society,” according to Professor Charles Ess, who spoke Sept. 20 at an ethics symposium ...

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When cocktail party chatter turns legal, lawyers seek ‘safe harbor’ (access required)

It’s a scene familiar to every lawyer. You’re at a cocktail party, introduced all around, when someone asks what you do for a living. As soon as you acknowledge your profession, some stranger hits you with a legal question. As ...

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Lawyers can submit ethics questions online

The Virginia State Bar now offers a Web-based form for submitting ethics questions to the VSB Ethics Counsel’s office. Clicking a bright blue button on this page opens the form where attorneys can identify themselves and type in a question ...

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