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Plaintiff fails to respond to discovery in malpractice suit – Defense Verdict (access required)

This matter involved legal malpractice suits against two defendants – an associate and her law firm – for alleged malpractice in an underlying domestic relations case. Plaintiff alleged defendant associate failed to properly oppose motion to withdraw stipulation in the ...

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Delayed diagnosis leads to sterility of 12-year-old girl – Confidential Settlement (access required)

This case arose from the delayed diagnosis of ovarian torsion, resulting in the sterility of a 12-year-old female. Plaintiff presented to the pediatric emergency department complaining of severe, sudden onset abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Suspecting appendicitis, doctors performed an ...

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Pedestrian struck in Old Town Alexandria crosswalk – $550,000 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff was a pedestrian in Old Town Alexandria who was crossing the street in a crosswalk with her husband in the evening when she was struck by the defendant’s car. Her husband avoided being struck but he still received minor ...

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Assembly trims judge funding plans (access required)

The budget approved by the General Assembly Saturday provides money for unfreezing only five extra judgeships in addition to the 15 proposed in Gov. Bob McDonnell’s proposal. Earlier this month, the House and Senate introduced budget plans that were far ...

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Fairfax needs judges (access required)

Lawyers and legislators from various Virginia locales, including populous Fairfax County, say Gov. Bob McDonnell missed the mark when he proposed money to fill certain judgeships. The governor overlooked areas badly in need of judicial help, in part because the ...

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