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Fairfax needs judges (access required)

Lawyers and legislators from various Virginia locales, including populous Fairfax County, say Gov. Bob McDonnell missed the mark when he proposed money to fill certain judgeships. The governor overlooked areas badly in need of judicial help, in part because the ...

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Passenger killed after for-hire vehicle crashed – $4,600,000 Settlement (access required)

A 31-year-old male visiting from an underdeveloped country in Southeast Asia was a passenger in a for-hire transportation vehicle, which was involved in a single vehicle accident. He was ejected and killed. Decedent is survived by his wife and 1-year-old ...

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Judges could not use foreign law in divorce (access required)

With foreign-born persons now representing more than 11 percent of Virginia’s population, and more than 20 percent in three Northern Virginia counties, courts are being called upon more often to interpret foreign law, especially in divorce cases. One bill introduced ...

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Motorcyclist’s left foot was crushed in collision with auto – $1,200,000 Settlement (access required)

On Nov. 12, 2010, the 52-year-old plaintiff was riding his motorcycle through an intersection on a solid green light when the defendant failed to yield and turned left in front of him. Defendant’s vehicle struck the left side of the ...

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Supreme Court reverses ban on Internet criticism (access required)

The Supreme Court of Virginia acted swiftly last month to overturn a lower court’s takedown order directing a disgruntled consumer to remove critical online postings about a contractor. The high court vacated a Dec. 7 order from Fairfax Circuit Judge ...

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