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No defamation claim from draft legal complaint (access required)

A lawyer who said he was defamed by a draft legal complaint that described him as “an unethical lawyer and a racist” cannot sue for defamation, says a Fairfax Circuit Court. Claims made in a lawsuit generally are protected under ...

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Lawyer Has No Defamation Claim for Draft Complaint (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court says lawyers who sent prospective defendants an unfiled “draft complaint” for an employment discrimination claim, “for settlement purposes,” have an absolute privilege from a defamation claim filed by another lawyer named in the draft complaint and ...

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Motorist hit while standing beside disabled vehicle – $20,000 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff was standing beside her disabled vehicle when she was struck by the defendant’s vehicle, which was approaching from behind. She alleged that the defendant caused the collision by following the car in front of her too closely, leaving insufficient ...

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No ‘Reckless’ Pleading for ‘Ordinary’ Accidents (access required)

A Fairfax Circuit Court dismisses claims in two unrelated automobile accident personal injury suits that allege “recklessness” without the necessary foundation. The court recognizes that alleging reckless conduct is sufficient to state a tort claim in Virginia. However, in Virginia, ...

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New Order Can’t Correct ‘Accidental’ Language (access required)

A homeowners association suing a noncompliant owner can’t get a second default judgment with an injunction, after the first order included, “by accident,” language stating the owner was in compliance; a Fairfax Circuit Court says the earlier order was final ...

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