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Restaurant Lease Guarantor Hangs on to His Win (access required)

A landlord can’t overturn a jury verdict for a guarantor of a restaurant lease with a claim of “jury nullification”; a Fairfax Circuit Court says the guarantor’s testimony that he received a verbal assurance that his guaranty was released when ...

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Back, shoulder injuries caused by rear-end collision – $725,000 Verdict (access required)

On Feb. 12, 2008, the plaintiff was traveling on Prosperity Avenue in Fairfax County. A wintry mix had caused the roads to be icy. The plaintiff was about to turn left when he lightly rear-ended the vehicle in front of ...

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Recusal can be a touchy moment for a lawyer (access required)

It can be a ticklish and touchy moment for a lawyer: the judge in a case has a conflict and needs to pass the file to a colleague. But whether, and how, to ask a judge to recuse herself can ...

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Lawyer beats pro se malpractice lawsuit (access required)

The slightly built woman stands, apparently alone, on a busy corner in bustling Tysons Corner, Virginia. In the video she posted on YouTube, she is dwarfed by the office buildings behind her and appears in danger of being blown over ...

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Pro se plaintiff gets jury trial in legal malpractice case – Defense Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff initially retained the defendant attorney and his law firm in April 2005 in connection with an insurance fraud cause of action against New York Life Insurance Company and its agent, Suk-Ku Lim. The plaintiff alleged that Lim fraudulently ...

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Prohibitory Injunction Issued for Zoning Violation (access required)

Although the Notice of Violation overstated the appeal period for the charged violations of having more than five unrelated persons in a single-family dwelling and letting rooms for a boarding house, the plain error did not render the Notice null ...

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