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Coverage action not subject to nonsuit tolling (access required)

A plaintiff who thought she had the right to a courthouse do-over after taking a nonsuit in a suit over insurance coverage was left empty handed when the Supreme Court of Virginia ruled against her this month. The case confirms ...

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Patient coded multiple times during placement of catheter – Defense Verdict (access required)

Decedent, age 60, was admitted to Inova Fair Oaks Hospital on June 20, 2012, with an infected hemodialysis catheter. Her medical history was significant for two failed kidney transplants, longstanding dialysis use (15 years), coronary artery disease and hypertension. Because ...

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Airline rep missed four months of work due to auto accident – $243,000 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff sustained a fractured left wrist in a motor vehicle collision, requiring placement of an external fixator. She missed four months from work at her long time job as a customer service representative for United Airlines at Dulles Airport. Although ...

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Crash caused severe anxiety for injured teen passenger – $240,000 Settlement (access required)

The plaintiff was a 16-year-old backseat passenger in his mother’s van when the family was rear-ended on I-66 by the defendant, who had fallen asleep at the wheel. The plaintiff was thrown violently forward in his seat from the impact, ...

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Woman not liable for support payback (access required)


A woman does not have to repay nearly $600,000 in temporary support and attorney’s fees to the man she thought was her husband, even though a court declared their marriage void. The Court of Appeals upheld the trial court’s decision ...

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Unnecessary surgery led to vision impairment, job loss – $1,600,000 Verdict (access required)

The plaintiff suffered permanent central vision loss in her right eye following a vitrectomy performed by Dr. Randall Wong at Capital Eye Consultants. Dr. Wong performed the surgery to repair an epiretinal membrane. The plaintiff alleged that the surgery was ...

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Pedestrian struck by turning car while crossing intersection – $65,000 Arbitration Award (access required)

Plaintiff was an 18-year-old female pedestrian who crossed in a designated marked crosswalk at the intersection of Richmond Highway and Frye Road in Alexandria on July 26, 2013. The defendant was traveling east on Frye Road, preparing to make a ...

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Partial Record Sealing for County Attorney Grievance (access required)

A county seeking to seal an administrative record of a decision that a county attorney’s employment complaint was not grievable under Va. Code § 15.2-1507 has rebutted a presumption of public access to judicial records with its claims of attorney-client ...

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Judge approves $3.86M fee award in corporate merger case (access required)


Lawyers who won $9.4 million for an aircraft manufacturer burned in a merger deal also scored what may be a record fee award in Virginia courts. In her last court hearing as a Fairfax County circuit judge, now-Supreme Court Justice ...

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Driver backing out of driveway caused 3-car collision – $90,000 Settlement (access required)

On Aug. 1, 2012, plaintiff, a 25-year-old senior consultant for the Department of the Navy was traveling southbound on N. Quincy Street in Arlington when the defendant backed out of her driveway. When the defendant entered the roadway, she was ...

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