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Mom’s move from Switzerland to U.S. did not violate dad’s rights – Verdict for respondent (access required)

The parties are the estranged parents of a minor child. Respondent-mother had relocated with the child from Geneva, Switzerland, to Alexandria in April 2011, and petitioner-father sought the return of the child to Switzerland under an international treaty (the Hague ...

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Turning tables, investors demand arbitration (access required)

Investors who claimed they lost $1 million based on their securities seller’s bad advice can force the firm that later hired the salesman to arbitrate their claim for fraud. The investment firm said the fraud claim arose during the investment ...

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Stock qualified as ‘family heirloom’ exemption in bankruptcy case – $4,400 Verdict (access required)

This case involved a challenge to a debtor’s Virginia exemption of stock in a company that owned hunting real estate as a “family heirloom.” The issue was whether the stock ownership was a family heirloom and, further, if intangible personal ...

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Qui Tam action alleges military contractor inflated cost estimates – $18,161,393 Settlement (access required)

Former Calnet CFO Kim Chao filed a qui tam action in federal court, alleging false claims on three different “cost plus” contracts with the United States Department of the Army. In a “cost plus” arrangement, a contractor is paid for ...

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