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Déjà vu at CNU

News item: Someone stole copies of the student newspaper at Christopher Newport University. Naw, that’s old news. Happened last September. Wait a minute. You mean it happened again? Last fall, a student allegedly trashed 700 copies of the paper, The ...

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Cuccinelli on public prayer: follow the 4th Circuit

Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says there are two ways local governments can meet the prevailing legal standard for prayer at government meetings. In an opinion letter arising from the dispute over Christian prayers at Pittsylvania County meetings, Cuccinelli said ...

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Freedom of Disinformation

You might have missed this item last week. But the Justice Department has proposed new regulations to interpret the Freedom of Information Act that are logic-bending. In cases involving national security or law enforcement, some agencies now are allowed to ...

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Polsby stays out of speech debate

Resisting calls to bar an anti-Muslim speaker on campus at George Mason University’s law school, Dean Daniel Polsby scored points with free speech advocates with his published comments last week. His statement concluded thus: The law school will not exercise ...

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School can discipline ‘Charm Queen’ for hateful website

Can a public school system suspend a student for posting ugly accusations about another student on a Myspace page? Absolutely, said the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in an opinion decided Tuesday. Kara Kowalski, the “Queen of Charm” at ...

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Good guy: Craig Merritt

Richmond lawyer Craig T. Merritt (right) received the George Mason Award from the Society of Professional Journalists, Virginia Pro chapter last night. The annual award recognizes an individual for his or her contributions to Virginia journalism. Merritt, a partner at ...

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