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City manager ‘caught on tape,’ lawsuit claims

A Lynchburg police officer says he got a tongue lashing from the city manager after he spoke out as a citizen at a public hearing on budget issues. Now, the officer is suing for $500,000, saying the manager’s tirade – ...

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Posting juror’s address was free speech, judge rules

A Chicago federal judge today dismissed charges of threatening a juror, ruling that Web posts by a Roanoke neo-Nazi were protected by the First Amendment. U.S. District Judge Lynn Adelman held that merely publishing the address and other particulars about ...

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Meeting is canceled when reporter shows up

Shenandoah County’s Fire and Rescue Association – struggling to deal with the closing of a member squad – postponed a widely-announced meeting because a news reporter attended, according to the Northern Virginia Daily. The county government last week pulled the ...

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Another change of counsel for Tommy Garrett

The man suing a Charlottesville weekly newspaper for defamation has parted ways with attorney James Creekmore of Daleville, reports the defendant publication, The Hook. Apparently, Garrett — a sort of would-be celebrity — changes lawyers the way some of us ...

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Court considers freedom to post anonymously

Free speech advocates are urging an Illinois court to protect the anonymity of people who post comments on Web publications. The case, which has now reached the Illinois appellate court, stemmed from comments left on a local newspaper Web site, ...

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Blogger gets support from free speech groups

A trio of free speech advocates has ridden to the aid of Charlottesville blogger Waldo Jaquith (left). Like many bloggers, Jaquith allows folks to post anonymous comments on his Cvillenews.com site.  After he reported on a defamation lawsuit filed against ...

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