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Do you have a right to send anonymous e-mail?

If you believe that the US Constitution gives you the right to send anonymous non-commercial e-mails, your champion at the Supreme Court of Virginia is spammer Jeremy Jaynes. As the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports, Richmond attorney Tom Wolf made the case for Jaynes before ...

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Spammer’s nine-year sentence upheld

A divided Supreme Court of Virginia has affirmed the computer crime conviction and nine-year prison sentence of a North Carolina man who sent mass quantities of spam – unsolicited bulk e-mail – through AOL servers in Northern Virginia. Defendant Jeremy ...

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Public records, gun rights at issue

The First and Second Amendments to the U.S. Constitution seldom are as juxtaposed as they were today before the Senate Courts of Justice Committee. The debate was over Senate Bill 529, carried for the Freedom of Information Advisory Council by ...

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Office e-mail: Stick to the company line

Is using your office e-mail with its signature stamp the same as using office letterhead? Should anyone down a chain of distribution that you can’t control assume that your e-mail speaks for your employer? Office e-mail comes pretty close to ...

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Sexual harassment matter of ‘public concern’

Here’s one for the public-sector employment lawyers. Those lawyers know that public employees have First Amendment rights and can sue employers who abridge those rights. But the First Amendment only protects employee speech on matters of “public concern.” A lot ...

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