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Amount of force disputed in shoulder dystocia case – Defense Verdict (access required)

On Sept. 20, 2004, plaintiff went to the hospital in labor at approximately 37 weeks gestation. She was a gestational diabetic with a history of one prior uncomplicated vaginal delivery. Labor progressed without complication. Following delivery of the baby’s head, ...

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No damage to vehicle, but driver has back strain – $125,000 Verdict (access required)

This case stemmed from an automobile accident with no visible property damage. Plaintiff suffered neck and back strains, which eventually led to cervical and lumbar surgery after other treatment. There had been prior degeneration and prior treatment. [10-T-115] Type of ...

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Smoking alleged as contributing cause to stillbirth of child – Defense Verdict (access required)

In this medical malpractice case, the plaintiff sued her obstetrician over the loss of her child following a placental abruption and stillbirth delivery at approximately 38 weeks gestation. The plaintiff alleged that she had multiple elevated blood pressure measurements recorded ...

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UIM coverage is key to road rage settlement – $850,000 Settlement (access required)

The case stemmed from a road rage or reckless driving incident between defendants Altimus and Greer. The plaintiff was involuntarily in the middle of it. There was limited coverage and the passengers in the Altimus car were killed and claims ...

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