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Parties to med-mal cap deal getting nervous (access required)

Lawyers, doctors and hospital leaders thought they had finished the hard part last November, when they agreed gradually to increase the state’s statutory cap on medical malpractice awards. Hammered out over three years of negotiations, the implementing legislation sailed through ...

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Change in three-strikes rule for doctors could aid settlements

The General Assembly has moved to increase the threshold for medical malpractice payments that trigger an automatic physician competency assessment. The legislation also would exempt doctors who no longer have an active practice. A Virginia statute requires regulators to investigate ...

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Congressmen said to agree on redistricting plan

Politico is reporting that Virginia’s congressional delegation has reached a redistricting deal that likely will ensure eight of the state’s 11 seats will remain Republican for the next decade. You might ask how they can do that when the General ...

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Courts committees set process for filling judicial vacancies (access required)

David B. Albo, chairman of the House Courts of Justice Committee, has asked the Virginia State Bar to vet additional candidates to fill two vacancies on the Supreme Court of Virginia. Karen A. Gould, executive director of the VSB, said ...

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