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Assembly approves judgeship money, elects judges (access required)

The Virginia General Assembly approved Gov. Bob McDonnell’s recommendation to add 12 additional judgeships to those funded in the coming two-year budget and then elected judges to a number of those vacant seats before departing the Capitol early Thursday morning. ...

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Assembly trims judge funding plans (access required)

The budget approved by the General Assembly Saturday provides money for unfreezing only five extra judgeships in addition to the 15 proposed in Gov. Bob McDonnell’s proposal. Earlier this month, the House and Senate introduced budget plans that were far ...

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Doctors’ Comp: Physicians who treat hurt workers resist low network fees (access required)

There is constant tension between doctors and workers’ compensation carriers over how much to pay medical providers to treat injured workers. The stakes are high because payment for care runs into the multi-millions of dollars for employers. The score was ...

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House speaker voids Senate GOP remap amendment (access required)

(AP) — Virginia’s Republican House speaker on Feb. 6 ruled against a measure muscled through by Senate Republicans to redraw all 40 state Senate districts, defusing a partisan dispute that had threatened to stymie progress on major legislation. House Speaker ...

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Fairfax needs judges (access required)

Lawyers and legislators from various Virginia locales, including populous Fairfax County, say Gov. Bob McDonnell missed the mark when he proposed money to fill certain judgeships. The governor overlooked areas badly in need of judicial help, in part because the ...

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