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No FOIA Violation by BOE (access required)

Although a deputy was summoned to the location of a Board of Equalization meeting during which a freelance journalist had violated BOE rules by recording and photographing the meeting without advance notice, a Loudoun County General District Court says the ...

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Judge denies move to halt Hopewell speeding revenue

While the General Assembly considers stripping some law enforcement revenue from local governments, the battle over speeding ticket revenue came to a head in a Hopewell courtroom Thursday. City prosecutor Rick Newman moved to turn all the city’s local speeding ...

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Woman wins $4K on bad faith claim (access required)

A Hampton Roads woman who brought a bad-faith claim against her insurance company has won full payment of her medical bills, along with attorney’s fees and $4,000 in punitives. Virginia Beach lawyer Sandra L. Sampson said her client, a woman ...

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A run on general district court (access required)

General district court judges and clerks anticipated a run on their courts after the 2011 General Assembly passed several measures opening up access to their courts. One new law, raising the jurisdictional limit to $25,000, left court personnel expecting a ...

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