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More Testing Needed for ‘Competency’ Decision (access required)

Because the clinical psychologist who initially found defendant competent to stand trial stated that his opinion might change if defendant had an appropriate neurological examination, including an EEG and CAT scan and/or MRI, a Hanover Circuit Court orders the additional ...

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Court Orders FOIA Response by VDOT (access required)

Although respondent Virginia Department of Transportation says this FOIA petitioner will be able to impermissibly obtain personnel information if VDOT provides the Position Numbers petitioner seeks, the Hanover Circuit Court says FOIA does not contemplate exemptions arising from a petitioner’s ...

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Court grants summary judgment on liability, damages contested – $1,750,000 Settlement (access required)

Plaintiff, a 41-year-old man, was driving on a rural highway in Hanover County when he was struck broadside by the defendant, who failed to stop at a stop sign. The high-speed collision knocked the plaintiff’s car a short distance off ...

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