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Debtor’s Fifth Amendment Claim Denied (access required)

A Hanover County Circuit Court denies defendant’s motion to quash a summons for debtor’s interrogatories and subpoena duces tecum, in which debtor asserts his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination. There is no blanket Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer ...

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No Contract from Lender’s Letter, Phone Call (access required)

Although plaintiff alleges defendant promised in a letter not to accelerate a note on plaintiff’s property until after a certain date, and in a telephone conversation not to foreclose if plaintiff applied for a short sale, the Hanover Circuit Court ...

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‘Mutual wills’ depend more on trust than law (access required)

Second marriages and “first” children are generating more issues in estate-planning practice, as couples continue to divorce and remarry before they can celebrate that golden anniversary with one spouse. One of those issues is making sure the children of each ...

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Defendant Bankrupt, Plaintiff Sues UM Carrier (access required)

Although plaintiff received a $2,250 payment in 2008 for his injuries from a 1996 auto accident after the defendant driver’s employer, Builders Transport, was discharged in bankruptcy, plaintiff still may pursue a claim in order to litigate his own uninsured/underinsured ...

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Park Vendor Has Conversion Claim for Kiosk Use (access required)

A Hanover Circuit Court refuses to set aside a jury verdict finding defendant Kings Dominion Amusement Park liable for damages for conversion of a concessions kiosk operated by plaintiff business; plaintiff may proceed with a claim for unjust enrichment, but ...

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Defendant disputes disk surgery related to crash – $60,000 Verdict (access required)

Plaintiff alleged that a disk injury that required surgery was caused by an automobile accident. Defendant admitted liability for the accident but contended that the injury was not related to the accident. [11-T-060] Type of action: Personal injury – auto ...

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