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IRA Withdrawal Penalty is Dissipation of Marital Estate (access required)

A Hanover County Circuit Court says wife’s use of $17,180 from the parties’ IRA was for proper purposes such as payment for attorney’s fees, the children’s college expenses, car repairs and household expenses, but the $5,727 tax penalty she incurred ...

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Living with Wife’s Parents Affects ED Award (access required)

Although husband was the only wage-earner during the parties’ 11-year marriage, as wife was disabled from fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome, wife financially contributed her monthly social security disability check, and the couple lived with wife’s parents who helped care ...

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ED Award Accounts for Wife’s Nonliquid Interests (access required)

As husband is majority shareholder of one of the couple’s businesses and managing member of the other, his interests are more marketable than wife’s corresponding minority and non-managing membership interests, and the Hanover Circuit Court awards wife one-half of the ...

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Wife Took Cash, But Did Not ‘Dissipate’ Marital Asset (access required)

Although wife admits to removing $47,000 from husband’s safety deposit box in anticipation of divorce, a Hanover County Circuit Court says this was not dissipation of a marital asset and orders an equal division of the marital property. The marital ...

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Conversion Claim Based on Value of Fill-Dirt (access required)

Plaintiff business has stated claims for trespass and conversion against defendant company, which owns and is developing adjacent real estate for a hotel, for the company’s alleged trespass onto plaintiff’s property for excavation and removal of fill dirt, and the ...

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