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Headline of the Day

The Loudoun County Board of Supervisors voted this week to demolish the Goose Creek Bridge, erected in 1932. The board voted 8-1 to tear down the metal span after determining it lacked enough historical value to preserve. Vehicular traffic over ...

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Headline of the day

From the Headlines I Wish I’d Written Department: Some headlines are so bad, they’re great. The award today goes to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal likes to feature an offbeat human interest story at the bottom of its front ...

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Today’s most appropriate headline

The award for most appropriate headline of the day goes to the Cleveland Plain Dealer (see graphic of today’s front page, at right). The headline writers used one word – Gone. – to sum up the departure of Cleveland Cavaliers ...

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Today’s most ironic headline

Scanning the news sites this a.m. for stories for the Daily Alert… There it was in the Charlottesville paper – a story way out of step with the current stretch of 90-degree heat and 150-percent humidity: Federal snow aid arriving It’s ...

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