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Dog Case Update (access required)

From the News You Need to Know Dept.: The West Virginia Supreme Court has refused to hear a lawsuit filed by a Hampshire County couple after the county dog warden gave their pet away two years ago. Russell and Estella ...

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Going Nuts (access required)

Traffic cases in Oklahoma must be anything but boring. Woman had a single-car wreck earlier this month. The cause: a rat. Really. Carol Windham was forced to run a red light when her gas pedal stuck down after she hit ...

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Jurassic Park? (access required)

DNA testing has tripped up many criminal defendants, and more recently it has been used to free defendants who claimed all along they were innocent. Here’s an item from the Palmetto State that could bring “Jurassic Park” to life. Maybe. ...

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Paging Jimmy Buffett (access required)

Those of you who are Jimmy Buffett fans will recall Jimmy’s song, “Gypsies in the Palace.” In the tune, Jimmy recalls a practice he says dates back to the Middle Ages (this is Jimmy Buffett doing history, so work with ...

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Halloween Leftover (access required)

A Norwegian man’s threat to haunt anyone who tampered with his will didn’t hold up in – or send a chill through – a court. The man, who wasn’t identified, died in mid-2003 and left a will dividing his possessions ...

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Sign O' The Times (access required)

If you’re gonna sin, sin boldly, someone once said. Out in Missouri, there’s a guy who’s figuring maybe he sold his future a little cheap. Authorities have charged Timothy Hubbard, 24, with offering to sell his presidential vote to the ...

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