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Trend Alert (access required)

Parents in Virginia love to continue family names. You can hardly walk through a crowd here and not bump into a man who may have Jr. or III tacked on to his name. This especially true of lawyers. We can ...

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Isn't it ironic? (access required)

That was the line of a Canadian chanteuse who enjoyed pop stardom in the states several years ago. That same line occurred recently to a federal judge in Alexandria, when he was confronted with an Egyptian-born banker who had ties ...

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Life Mirrors Art (access required)

Here’s something straight out of “Weekend at Bernie’s.” Don’t remember that one? A 1989 not-so-classic. Couple of guys cart around a dead guy, passing him off as still among the living. Up in Cincinnati, the local prosecutor calls it “one ...

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There They Go Again (access required)

The General Assembly is back in town and the big fight, as it has been for the past several years, will be over money and the state’s budget. That won’t stop the delegates and senators from introducing some unusual bills ...

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How Poe-etic (access required)

French cognac was nearly “nevermore” in this year’s mysterious tribute at the grave of Edgar Allan Poe in Baltimore. For 56 years, someone has marked the writer’s birthday by slinking through the night into the small cemetery where Poe is ...

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