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Hurry, hurry, hurry (access required)

In New Cumberland, W.Va., a man facing robbery charges will receive a new trial after a juror was overheard to say the defendant should be convicted quickly so jurors could go home. The statement was allegedly made when the 12 ...

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Cop talk (access required)

Anyone who ever played cops-and-robbers as a kid, listened to a police scanner or watched TV shows such as “Dragnet” or “Adam-12″ knows that “10-4″ and other codes beginning with 10 are radio cop-speak for “OK,” or “officer down” or ...

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Give a dog a bone (access required)

Pets – excuse me, animal companions – are big business in America. Any shopper who idly wanders the aisles at PetSmart can see that dogs are among the most pampered of pets. Even purveyors of luxury goods know there’s a ...

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Trick or Treat? (access required)

Spell-checker – a force for good or a risky mop-up for lazy lawyers? It wasn’t hard to see where Virginia Court of Appeals Robert J. Humphreys came down on that point when he told a “lawyer’s nightmare” story on Oct. ...

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A Sign of the Times (access required)

A sad e-mail message was making the rounds last month among alums of Their Majesties’ Royall Colledge of William & Mary in Virginia. The message was an item from the William & Mary newspaper, The Flat Hat, and it was ...

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Early Halloween Item (access required)

Editor’s Note: Here’s one for all the real estate lawyers, a few weeks early for Halloween… (AP) Some people would say B.J. Wall is a psychic, but she calls herself a communicator. Wall says she sees and talks with spirits. ...

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Dysfunction Junction (access required)

Don’t dis a dysfunctional marriage, the Virginia Court of Appeals says. Even dysfunctional marriages deserve respect. Even when they’re not actually marriages. After all, one couple’s de facto “dysfunctional marriage” may be another person’s happy cohabitation. It was a familiar ...

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What a Way to Go (access required)

Lewis Grizzard, the late Atlanta Journal & Constitution columnist who was sometimes lauded as the Mark Twain of the New South back in the 1980s, was a funny man. He published 25 books, with titles such as “If Love Were ...

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