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Ride That Pony (access required)

Occasionally, just occasionally, mind you, a judge might be accused of getting up on his or her high horse. Check out the photo. That’s Fairfax Circuit Judge Terry Ney up on a real horse. The judge reported that he long ...

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And Virginia had four… (access required)

Last month we featured an item on the historical state statutes in the U.S. Capitol. Each state of the union can have up to two statues. The news hook: Kansas and Texas are in a spat over President Eisenhower. The ...

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Be Careful Out There (access required)

For all those lawyers on their way to Virginia Beach for the Virginia State Bar Annual Meeting this week, here’s a sad but true reminder to be wary when dining out. A Northern Virginia man died June 7 after eating ...

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Progress comes to Surry (access required)

Surry County is in line for a stoplight – the county’s first. It’s coming to the intersection of Routes 10 and 31 on Surry’s town square in early 2004, said David Steele, resident engineer with the Virginia Department of Transportation. ...

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South of which border? (access required)

Ordinarily, the Virginia General Assembly is the branch of government that has the power to redraw the map of the commonwealth, by periodically recasting the state’s electoral districts. But earlier this month, some of Southwest Virginia’s judges found the map ...

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More on Monroe (access required)

In the April 21 edition, in a note about the ongoing name controversy at Mary Washington College, this column noted that America’s fifth president, James Monroe, doesn’t have a college named for him. That needs to be amended: He doesn’t ...

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