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Technicality of the week (access required)

A Newport News judge has freed an accused murderer because a court clerk had not signed the autopsy report on the 33-year-old victim. Even though a police officer had witnessed the shooting, prosecutors could not prove a killing had occurred ...

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Turn Off the PandaCam (access required)

Thanks to The Washington Post for this one — by way of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government’s newsletter: A Post reporter asked to see the medical records of National Zoo giraffe Ryma, after she died this spring. The zoo ...

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Animals are people too (access required)

And while we’re discussing the privacy rights of animals, this item shows up: The New York State Bar Association is reaching advocacy out to a new constituency — critters. In what animal-rights groups call “an important precedent,” the lawyers have ...

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Blink this, pal (access required)

At first blush, this item looks like a dispatch from the land where everyone drives a VW microbus with a “Practice Random Acts of Kindness” bumper sticker. Well, it still looks that way, but it was datelined from Christiansburg, so ...

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That'll teach 'em (access required)

Rockingham County Sheriff Don Farley relishes the opportunity to save money for his jail. So Farley is requiring residents of the cross-bar hotel to buy their own packets of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and other condiments. During a trip to the ...

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Stop the presses! (access required)

And since we’re kind of on the topic of hot dogs, remember the old Armour jingle? Goes like this: “When man bites dog, it’s news, they say, But when kids bite dogs, they yell, ‘Hurray!’” Well, it’s happened. The first ...

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A day in the life (access required)

Number crunchers at the Supreme Court of Virginia have released the 2001 caseload review for the commonwealth’s court system. Available online at http://pacer.ca4. uscourts.gov/opinions/opinion.php, the 2001 Virginia State of the Judiciary Report compiles data from all court levels for the ...

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A statue with limitations (access required)

As the world watches high-profile cases against alleged terrorists wage in U.S. District Court in Alexandria, a Virginia lawyer has been studying the statue of Lady Justice that looms out from the courthouse — and he doesn’t like what he ...

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And another statue item (access required)

Speaking of Lady Justice, Petersburg leaders are pondering what to do with theirs. She was removed from the tower of the historic courthouse four years ago, when it was discovered she had rotated (gasp!) northward. Now she sits in the ...

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