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Turn Off the PandaCam (access required)

Thanks to The Washington Post for this one — by way of the Virginia Coalition for Open Government’s newsletter: A Post reporter asked to see the medical records of National Zoo giraffe Ryma, after she died this spring. The zoo ...

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Animals are people too (access required)

And while we’re discussing the privacy rights of animals, this item shows up: The New York State Bar Association is reaching advocacy out to a new constituency — critters. In what animal-rights groups call “an important precedent,” the lawyers have ...

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Blink this, pal (access required)

At first blush, this item looks like a dispatch from the land where everyone drives a VW microbus with a “Practice Random Acts of Kindness” bumper sticker. Well, it still looks that way, but it was datelined from Christiansburg, so ...

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That'll teach 'em (access required)

Rockingham County Sheriff Don Farley relishes the opportunity to save money for his jail. So Farley is requiring residents of the cross-bar hotel to buy their own packets of ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise and other condiments. During a trip to the ...

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Stop the presses! (access required)

And since we’re kind of on the topic of hot dogs, remember the old Armour jingle? Goes like this: “When man bites dog, it’s news, they say, But when kids bite dogs, they yell, ‘Hurray!’” Well, it’s happened. The first ...

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A day in the life (access required)

Number crunchers at the Supreme Court of Virginia have released the 2001 caseload review for the commonwealth’s court system. Available online at http://pacer.ca4. uscourts.gov/opinions/opinion.php, the 2001 Virginia State of the Judiciary Report compiles data from all court levels for the ...

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They know where you live (access required)

Plaintiff’s lawyers who tilt with insurance companies love to poke fun at their slogans — “You’re in good hands with Allstate,” or “Nationwide is on your side,” for example. But soon they might not have State Farm’s classic motto to ...

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