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Hearsay (access required)

How Many Lawyers Does It Take… NORFOLK—First, we had the judging scandal in the pairs figure-skating competition from the just-concluded Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. And now, we have a really big new scandal for the media — okay, ...

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How dumb rules get made (access required)

A disheartening development just across the state line: A Frederick County, Md., hospital now bans cameras from the delivery room. The hospital says the rule is to protect the health of mothers and newborns. And this new rule was adopted ...

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Mike Smith update (access required)

Last month, we brought you the important story that charges against Mike Smith for allegedly spitting on someone had been dropped. That’s Mike Smith, the Hampton High football coach, accused of spitting on one of his players, not the Mike ...

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Presidential head update (access required)

The big heads are back — the presidential busts that are going to be plopped in Williamsburg near all the other genuinely refabricated American history. And the big news is that there actually is going to be yet another big-presidential-head ...

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You want fries with that? (access required)

Franklin County’s director of public safety has been convicted of brandishing his .22-caliber revolver at a customer in front of him at a fast-food drive-through. Roanoke General Dis-trict Judge Jacqueline Talevi last Tuesday convicted Claude Web-ster of brandishing a firearm. ...

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Wartime Humor (access required)

After months of searching the caves of Afghanistan, U.S. special forces finally find and take care of Osama bin Laden. When bin Laden shows up at the pearly gates, he is greeted not by St. Peter, but by George Washington. ...

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Wise Men Can't Jump (access required)

Imagine trash-talking a judge in court. That, according to an account in the Roanoke Times, is exactly what lawyers can do once a week to judges who go on the court. The basketball court, that is, as members of opposing ...

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1 – 2 – 3 Red Light (access required)

A bill in the General Assembly that would have allowed cameras detecting red-light runners to be installed throughout Virginia has been killed by a House subcommittee. Good thing, if Washington, D.C.’s experience with the technology is predictive. In the latest ...

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