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Beware Of Falling Steel (access required)

The One Lucky Guy award for January goes to: D.C. employment lawyer Jeffrey Pargament. On the last day of the month, Pargament, 44, was driving to work, near the intersection of Pennsylvania Avenue and H and 19th streets NW, when ...

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Family Inc. (access required)

Local appellations for mom and dad may vary around the commonwealth. Down-home types may call for Ma and Pa, while tonier bluebloods may prefer Mutha and Da-ad-dy. Whichever titles or terms of endearment are used in the family, the form ...

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Whine and Cheese (access required)

We’ve all worked with one, haven’t we now? That colleague who keeps up a constant drumbeat of dissatisfaction in the workplace, carping about matters large and small. A Charlottesville federal judge may have encountered just such a person on a ...

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Paying Tribute (access required)

Roanoke Circuit Judge Jonathan Apgar recently helped to arrange a tribute to his father, a former Virginia Commonwealth University professor and an artist. Working with his sister Nancy, who teaches English in Vermont, the judge persuaded an art gallery at ...

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Wasting away…again (access required)

The state budget is in a mess and there are laws that need to be passed. So what is the General Assembly doing? What it always does-considering whether to approve vanity license tags. Del. Michelle McQuigg has introduced a bill ...

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Death, Taxes and… (access required)

Crummy weather during a Virginia Bar Association winter meeting in Williamsburg. That’s the “Jeopardy” answer. Of course, the question is, “What can you count on?” The treat this time around was a fast-moving snow/slush/cold rainstorm that came up and dumped ...

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