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Wartime Humor (access required)

After months of searching the caves of Afghanistan, U.S. special forces finally find and take care of Osama bin Laden. When bin Laden shows up at the pearly gates, he is greeted not by St. Peter, but by George Washington. ...

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Family Inc. (access required)

Local appellations for mom and dad may vary around the commonwealth. Down-home types may call for Ma and Pa, while tonier bluebloods may prefer Mutha and Da-ad-dy. Whichever titles or terms of endearment are used in the family, the form ...

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Whine and Cheese (access required)

We’ve all worked with one, haven’t we now? That colleague who keeps up a constant drumbeat of dissatisfaction in the workplace, carping about matters large and small. A Charlottesville federal judge may have encountered just such a person on a ...

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Paying Tribute (access required)

Roanoke Circuit Judge Jonathan Apgar recently helped to arrange a tribute to his father, a former Virginia Commonwealth University professor and an artist. Working with his sister Nancy, who teaches English in Vermont, the judge persuaded an art gallery at ...

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Wasting away…again (access required)

The state budget is in a mess and there are laws that need to be passed. So what is the General Assembly doing? What it always does-considering whether to approve vanity license tags. Del. Michelle McQuigg has introduced a bill ...

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Death, Taxes and… (access required)

Crummy weather during a Virginia Bar Association winter meeting in Williamsburg. That’s the “Jeopardy” answer. Of course, the question is, “What can you count on?” The treat this time around was a fast-moving snow/slush/cold rainstorm that came up and dumped ...

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