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Scam, or was that scum? (access required)

So Fluffy ran off and Grandma is understandably distraught at the disappearance of her favorite feline. Tell Gran to stay off the Internet, because scam artists have found another creative use for the Net: preying on lost-pet owners. The Floyd ...

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Nuts about Twiggy (access required)

Squirrels may be among nature’s most useless animals. Ask anyone who’s had a bird feeder knocked over by a group of chattering bushy-tailed thugs or who’s found pine cones shredded allllll over the driveway, including on the cars. Call them ...

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Big Trucks and I-81 (access required)

Anyone who has ever driven up and down Interstate 81 — especially at night — will be interested to see this next item, since it involves one of the ever-present, ever-menacing Big Trucks That Like to Go Really Fast. It’s ...

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Been there, done that (access required)

Virginia’s circuit court judges came to Richmond last week for their annual Judicial Conference and got a dose of motivation and inspiration from Rhode Island District Court Judge Robert K. Pirraglia, who talked about how judges can promote public trust ...

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Attack of the Killer Turkeys (access required)

Remember that gang of turkeys that was terrorizing Indiana last year? They’re back. And Boston’s got ‘em. Maybe it’s revenge for Thanksgiving. Attacks by roving flocks of wild turkeys are on the rise in suburban Boston, and state wildlife experts ...

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"Mixing Bowl" Becomes Salad Bowl (access required)

Driving through Springfield’s infamous “Mixing Bowl” interchange where I-95, I-395 and the Capital Beltway converge inevitably offers white-knuckle challenges, what with heavy traffic and continual construction. The adventure intensified May 4, when a tractor-trailer hauling cherry tomatoes overturned on a ...

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Parts Is Parts (access required)

Vandals who trashed a Henrico County child-care center over Easter weekend left behind a clue of sorts. They used a photocopy machine on the premises to take pictures of their body parts, and posted them on a bulletin board. The ...

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