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Coining A Catch-Phrase (access required)

Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore has a new name for Northern Virginia. He now calls the Washington suburbs “the northern part of Virginia.” He considers the phrase more inclusive, he said last week during his monthly call-in show on WTOP radio. ...

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Happy Law Suits (access required)

Lawyers: This Wednesday, don’t forget to wish each other a “Happy Law Suits Day.” No, it’s not what you think. You should know by now, we don’t tell lawyer jokes. Not the bad kind, anyway. The truth is, the Virginia ...

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Quality Control (access required)

Finally, please note that the lead story of this issue was written by Dawn Chase, not by Leonardo DiCaprio. And please note that Leo will never be conducting any “interviews” of anybody at any time for this newspaper. Thank you.

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Fabio Update (access required)

Remember last year’s freak collision at Busch Gardens, when Fabio, the Italian supermodel, hit a passing goose while going down on the Apollo’s Chariot roller coaster? Actually, it was pretty serious business: The coaster was going about 75 mph and ...

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Trial Advocacy, Y'All (access required)

Lawyers who turn to country song lyrics for inspiration in a closing argument might find Mike Harden’s annual list interesting. Harden, who writes for Scripps Howard News Service, recently issued his 12th annual list of “really bad country song titles.” ...

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Shocked, sir, shocked! (access required)

Funny how things look different from the opposite end of the telescope. Vinton Del. Dick Cranwell, famed for his political deals when the Democratic Party dominated the General Assembly, expressed dismay when Gov. Jim Gilmore played the same game at ...

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