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Talkin' Baseball (access required)

The magical 1998 baseball season is almost history, except for the minor inconvenience of playoff games on the way to another Atlanta Braves-New York Yankees World Series, one that will have an ending very different from the 1996 version. Believe ...

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Okie Dokie (access required)

Since Sammy and Mac still play baseball, though, maybe the perps should know to stay out of Oklahoma. They’re a tough bunch out in the Sooner State, no question. And they know how to deal with Bad Guys. Here’s the ...

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Witchy Woman (access required)

Rosemary Kooiman of Lanham, Md., is a Wiccan witch and high priestess who leads the Nomadic Chantry of the Gramarye, a 50-member congregation in the Wiccan tradition. Wicca, which comes from the Old English word for witch, celebrates seasonal and ...

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Nice Pants (access required)

Your Tax Dollars at Work Dept.: The Justice Department says the Haggar Apparel Co., the pants maker, has gotta pay if it wants to “oven-bake” its pants to make them wrinkle-free. Huh? Actually, the feds don’t care if Haggar bakes ...

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MAKING CALHOUN PROUD (access required)

During the Virginia State Bar Executive Committee meeting in Middleburg Sept. 17, VSB Executive Director Tom Edmonds distributed for discussion an article from an American Bar Association magazine that questioned whether today’s codes of professional conduct can hold up to ...

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THINKING AHEAD (access required)

You can’t turn around these days without hearing about the “Year 2000″ or “Y2K” problem, a/k/a “The millennium bug.” It’s Y2K this and Y2K that. Turn to the Internet, if you will. Much has been made of grabbing Internet domain ...

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LAWYER JOKE ALERT! (access required)

Here’s a lawyer joke that a reader sent us over the Internet: Jones (not his real name) was representing a man up on murder charges. He bribed one of the jurors to hold out for a charge of manslaughter, instead ...

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EMPLOYMENT LAW UPDATE (access required)

More goodies from the ‘Net. Here is a list of real, authentic performance reviews that were actually taken from actual employee performance evaluations: “Since my last report, this employee has reached rock bottom and has started to dig.” “His men ...

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