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A doppelgänger? (access required)

Regent Law School Professor James J. Duane got a funny feeling recently as he overheard a TV reporter announcing a new nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court. As he told the Boyd-Graves Conference in Roanoke on Oct. 22, Duane was ...

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Halloween leftover (access required)

TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) Wanna buy a big honking spider? Well, you missed your chance. The Kansas Expocentre was seeking buyers for a huge inflatable spider, abandoned by a former tenant. The spider was the mascot of the Topeka Tarantulas, a ...

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A coffee achiever (access required)

(AP) Here’s a twist on the McDonald’s hot-coffee story – this guy used his hot a.m. java in self-defense. A would-be carjacker in South Carolina got a different kind of jolt from a cup of joe, according to authorities. The ...

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Bankruptcy for ex-champ (access required)

(AP) A lot people took advantage of the old law by filing for bankruptcy before the new federal statute kicked in last Monday. Among those in line to file Chapter 11: Former heavyweight champion Riddick Bowe. The ex-boxer filed for ...

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It's a jungle in there? (access required)

(AP) In the lunchroom, that is. In Tamarac, Fla., a Walgreens employee allegedly stabbed a co-worker in an argument over who could microwave her soup first, authorities said. Both women wanted to use the microwave in the employee break room ...

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Sweet! (access required)

(AP) If you’re going go down, go down for something big, the poet says. Four deputies in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, have been suspended by their supervisors. What did they do, you ask? Um, they’re accused of eating candy that belonged ...

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Seasonal Halloween item (access required)

(AP) Law enforcement officials in Fayette County, W.Va., found a body one Saturday morning in a wooded area. Sad but hardly noteworthy news. What’s different here is that the body was still in a casket. A squirrel hunter reported finding ...

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We're number one! (access required)

(AP) Fairfax County is the wealthiest of the nation’s largest counties, based on household income level, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The Washington suburb ranked first in median household income among counties with more than 250,000 residents in 2004, ...

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Holy Cow! (access required)

(AP)Where’s the beef? More accurately, where’s the big fiberglass cow somebody took from a Chick-fil-A billboard in Chesapeake? You’ve seen the cows. They’re part of Chick-fil-A’s long-running ad campaign in which cows implore you to “Eat Mor Chikin,” at, of ...

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