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Please, please, Mr. Postman (access required)

You can tell it’s an election year–look no further than the mailbox. In the last week or two, this office has been peppered with letters from the candidates for two of the three highest state offices, and these guys have ...

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An international incident? (access required)

Longtime Fairfax Commonwealth’s Attorney Bob Horan no doubt is used controversy, but even he might be surprised to find himself in the middle of an international incident. Plenty of convicted criminals probably would condemn him, but a whole government? At ...

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A new claim to fame? (access required)

What is it with the Paula Corbin Jones case and why is it attracting lawyers from Virginia? Didn’t the supposed meeting that prompted her sexual harassment claim happen in a hotel in Arkansas? Jones, of course, is suing President Clinton ...

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The Long Run (access required)

Bedford Circuit Judge Bill Sweeney has been on the bench longer than any other sitting circuit judge in the commonwealth; he has presided in Bedford County for 32 years. Earlier this month, Sweeney told a Roanoke reporter that he will ...

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No place to hide (access required)

The bad news for Virginia authorities is that one of the men they arrested in a Danville-area drug sweep missed his trial late last month and seems to have jumped bond. The good news: Authorities have a lot to look ...

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Timing is everything (access required)

Virginia lawyers who also carry bar membership in the District of Columbia received notice of a great new D.C. Bar membership spiff last week: a bargain rate for next-day package delivery service. With the timing of the announcement, though, members ...

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