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Patriot Games (access required)

Every criminal defense lawyers needs a “theory of defense” to develop a case, says Alexandria lawyer Jonathan Shapiro. A defense theory is a “cogent idea” that takes into account all the “bad facts” the commonwealth’s attorney has, as well as ...

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Cliff's Notes (access required)

A lawyer at the May 30 Roanoke/Salem Bench-Bar Conference asked the assembled jurists how soon he could communicate with the court by e-mail. The inquiry prompted Clifford Weckstein, Chief Judge of the 23rd Circuit, to query whether technology really has ...

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SPOTLIGHT ON VIRGINIA (access required)

What a week! Our fair commonwealth hasn’t gained this much national attention for legal goings-on since the year that John & Lorena Bobbitt and Sharon Bottoms were all in the headlines. And like last time, the whole thing has a ...

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CHECKING OUT IN A BIG WAY (access required)

Here’s another case from the frontier of Fourth Amendment litigation. A motel guest has no reasonable expectation of privacy in his room after check-out time, according to a decision handed down last week by the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of ...

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ROCK LOBSTER (access required)

A couple years ago, Hollywood gave us the heartstring-pulling tale of a boy and his whale, “Free Willy.” Now, from the Star City of the South, comes the tale of a lawyer and his lobster. Call it “Free Larry.” On ...

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LAME DUCK (access required)

Judge James L. Berry won’t be sitting on the Clarke County Circuit Court after July 31. And if one lawyer has his way, the lame-duck judge may be seeing even fewer cases as his term nears its end. Berry is ...

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