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Another tail of marital woe (access required)

When a couple divorces, lawyers have to contend with the “yours, mine and ours” of the ensuing property split. It’s not uncommon for one spouse to say a particular piece of property was “yours,” but is now “ours.” Virginia courts ...

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Gig's Up, Mate (access required)

Former Richmond prosecutor Joe Morrissey had what appeared to be a sweet deal lined up Down Under. He was all set to be a mentor on trial advocacy to the 100 crown prosecutors in New South Wales, the Australian state ...

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Hello, Kitty? (access required)

Here’s a Civil War history item. Was there a black cat aboard the Civil War ironclad USS Monitor, placed inside a cannon by a superstitious but desperate sailor as the vessel was sinking? Conservators had hoped to verify the legend ...

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Sign of the Times? (access required)

Okay, gasoline is nearly three bucks a gallon. All year long we’ve been featuring stories in the “Daily Alert” about drive-offs, in virtually every corner of the commonwealth. Couple of guys in Indiana get the week’s Dumb Criminals prize. Two ...

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Life Imitates Art (access required)

Step in the Wayback Machine. Dial, oh, about 11 years ago. Remember the phenomenon that was the Tom Hanks movie “Forrest Gump”? A kajillion movie tickets sold. Several hit soundtrack albums of oldies. Lots of dumb “box of chocolates” jokes. ...

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Hey, Mow! (access required)

A few years back, there was a guy in Fairfax – he actually was a lawyer – who tangled with the Fairfax County government for refusing to mow his grass. D?j? vu all over again up in Harrisburg, Pa., where ...

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