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No Insurance Coverage for Cancer Non-Disclosure (access required)

A widow cannot collect on her husband’s life insurance policy because she failed to disclose his diagnosis of metastasized pancreatic cancer when he applied for insurance, and the Roanoke U.S. District Court grants judgment on the pleadings to defendant insurance ...

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UIM carrier bound by acceptance of mistaken offer (access required)

An insurance carrier must pay its UIM policy limits even though an auto-accident plaintiff waited nearly two years to formally accept the settlement and the carrier might have avoided liability altogether. For plaintiff William Calvert, who alleged $75,000 in medical ...

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Exclusions Bar Homeowner Coverage for Chinese Drywall (access required)

A policyholder who sought homeowners’ insurance coverage for damages allegedly caused by drywall manufactured in China loses his suit in the Supreme Court of Virginia, as the court construes four exclusions, including “defective materials” and “pollutants” exclusions, to preclude coverage. ...

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Truck fire coverage not barred by ‘conversion’ exclusion

Insurance policies on a lender’s interest in leased trucks provided coverage for a fire loss even when the primary insured was responsible for the fire, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said today in a case appealed from Alexandria ...

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Insurance carrier loses declaratory judgment action on UIM – Verdict for Defendants (access required)

In a case of first impression, U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema provides Virginia counsel with a blueprint on how to calculate UIM coverage when there are multiple claimants involved. Dale Ray Parrott and his wife, Shirley Ann Parrott, were killed ...

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