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Drywall Repairs Are ‘Occurrence’ Under CGL Policy (access required)

In a builder’s suit to enforce a $4.9 million arbitration award against insurance carriers for a drywall subcontractor who used defective Chinese drywall that damaged 74 homes, a Norfolk U.S. District Court says replacement of the defective drywall is not ...

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Settlement Offer & Opinion Letter Protected (access required)

In plaintiffs’ suit against an insurance company that denied coverage for two antique automobiles, a Harrisonburg U.S. District Court denies plaintiffs’ motion to compel production of a settlement offer and the appraisal underlying that offer, which are protected attorney work ...

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‘Pollution Exclusion’ Excludes Chinese Drywall Claim (access required)

In this suit litigating Nationwide’s duty to defend a real estate developer against claims alleging damage caused by defective Chinese drywall installed in “Overlook Townhouses” in Richmond, a Newport News U.S. District Court grants in part Nationwide’s motion for summary ...

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Carrier Has No Duty to Defend Harassment Suit (access required)

A Newport News U.S. District Court adopts a recommendation from a magistrate judge and holds that plaintiff insurance company has no duty to defend an architect who alleged sexually harassed a coworker who was an interior designer at the design ...

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