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Defendant Bankrupt, Plaintiff Sues UM Carrier (access required)

Although plaintiff received a $2,250 payment in 2008 for his injuries from a 1996 auto accident after the defendant driver’s employer, Builders Transport, was discharged in bankruptcy, plaintiff still may pursue a claim in order to litigate his own uninsured/underinsured ...

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No Coverage for Basement Water Damage from Clogged Drain (access required)

In light of plaintiff homeowners’ stipulation that surface water gathered in a well with a clogged drain but could not enter the drain and instead flowed into the homeowners’ basement, a Fairfax Circuit Court says damage to the home is ...

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No Chinese Drywall Coverage Under Policy Exclusions (access required)

A Virginia Beach Circuit Court says homeowners who allege damage to their property and their family’s health from installation of Chinese drywall in their home built in 2005 are not entitled to coverage under their homeowners’ policy, as their losses ...

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