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Clear Policy Language Prevents Intra-Policy Stacking (access required)

An injured plaintiff’s auto liability policy does not allow intra-policy “stacking” sufficient to provide up to $300,000 in UIM coverage, says a Charlottesville Circuit Court, as the policy at issue contains language almost identical to the language found to be ...

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Contaminated Infant Formula Not Covered by Policies (access required)

An infant formula manufacturer that had to destroy $6 million worth of formula contaminated by melamine and disintegrated filter components does not have insurance coverage for the loss under the pollution/contaminant endorsements in three policies, but only has coverage for ...

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Insurance – Policy Coverage – UM/UIM – Stacking (access required)

A minor who suffered a skull fracture and permanent hearing loss from an auto accident cannot stack UM/UIM coverage from his parents’ auto liability policy on two family vehicles, and a Charlottesville U.S. District Court grants summary judgment to defendant ...

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Insurance – Policy Coverage – Hospital Roof – Harmful Vapors – Pollution Exclusion (access required)

A CGL carrier has a duty to defend a roofing contractor in a lawsuit filed by a medical assistant at Sentara Hospital, who alleges injuries from harmful vapors from the contractor’s work on the hospital roof; a Norfolk U.S. District ...

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Insurance – Legal Malpractice – Duty To Defend – Business Enterprise Exclusion (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court says a legal malpractice carrier does not owe a defense to a patent lawyer and his law firm who provided legal advice but also invested in and managed client business enterprises that profited from wireless ...

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Insurance – Life Insurance – Cancellation Date (access required)

In a life insurance policy with no cancellation clause, the insurance company’s letter “accepting” the policyholder’s “offer” to cancel the policy, came one day after the policyholder’s death, and because there was no mutual consent as to cancellation before the ...

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