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Omnibus Statute Does Not Save Airplane Coverage (access required)

In this insurance claim dispute involving plaintiff’s authorization of a non-insured pilot to fly plaintiff’s airplane, which was damaged when it crashed during an air show, the Alexandria U.S. District Court grants the insurance company’s motion for summary judgment; the ...

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Parties Realigned Against Malpractice Carrier (access required)

In a plaintiff’s declaratory judgment action against the legal malpractice carrier for the lawyer plaintiff is suing for legal malpractice, the Richmond U.S. District Court will realign the parties on a motion by defendant malpractice carrier. ALPS asserts diversity jurisdiction ...

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New Case Not a Factor for ATV’s UIM Coverage (access required)

A Roanoke U.S. District Court denies reconsideration of its decision that injuries plaintiff sustained as a passenger on an all-terrain vehicle were covered under the UM/UIM motorist endorsement to a commercial auto insurance liability policy issued to plaintiff’s father; the ...

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