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Large Firm Can’t Collect for Overhead (access required)

A Richmond U.S. District Court says defendant “spice” company intentionally violated plaintiff tobacco company’s trademarks for plaintiff’s cigarette brand “NEWPORT” with its similarly packaged product called “NEWPROT,” and the court awards defendant 80 percent of the fees and costs it ...

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No Venue Change from ‘Virtual’ Office (access required)

In this suit alleging three defendants have infringed plaintiff’s patents regarding voice over Internet protocol, the Norfolk U.S. District Court denies a motion to transfer venue even though plaintiff company’s office in Arlington appears to be a “virtual” office with ...

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Norfolk infringement verdict is $30M

A Norfolk federal jury has delivered a $30 million verdict in an advertising patent suit. The plaintiff – a small tech company holding a patent for online marketing techniques – had hoped for a bigger recovery in its suit against ...

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Trademark Claim Support Alter Ego Theory (access required)

A softball association has stated a claim against an individual defendant based on a theory that he is the alter ego for defendant softball organization, supported in part by the association’s claims for trademark infringement. Plaintiff York Amateur Softball Association ...

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Rosetta Stone and Google drop trademark lawsuit

ARLINGTON, Va. (AP) — Rosetta Stone Inc. and Google Inc. have agreed to dismiss a three-year old trademark infringement lawsuit between the two companies and made plans to work together to fight trademark abuse online. Rosetta Stone sued Google in ...

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No Jurisdiction Over Unproven Patentee (access required)

In a Massachusetts company’s patent infringement suit against a German company, the Alexandria U.S. District Court dismisses the German company for lack of personal jurisdiction, as plaintiff has been unable to rebut defendant’s affidavit asserting it is not a patentee ...

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