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Fee Award for Frivolous ‘Inequitable Conduct’ Claim (access required)

In this patent infringement case involving a drug to treat erectile dysfunction, in which the Norfolk U.S. District Court entered judgment for Pfizer in its suit to protect a drug that has generated $10 billion in sales, the court now ...

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Supplemental Damages Ordered in Patent Case (access required)

In the wake of a Norfolk federal jury’s $115 million award to a small technology company that claimed Verizon Communications Inc. infringed on its patents for interactive television when Verizon developed its FiOS cable system, the Norfolk U.S. District Court ...

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Court Denies Change in Injunction (access required)

In this litigation involving patents-in-suit relating to electronic sourcing systems, which allow prospective buyers to locate items to buy from multiple electronic catalogs, a Richmond U.S. District Court denies defendant’s motion to modify and clarify an injunction against defendant’s continued ...

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Inventor Sues Twitter Over ‘Interactive’ Celebrity Patent (access required)

An inventor who is suing Twitter for infringement of his 2002 patent of a system for “an interactive virtual community of famous people,” or people who want to be famous, has an Alexandria U.S. District Court provide a claim construction ...

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To disclose or not to disclose… (access required)

At some point, your client may be motivated to want to share its confidential and proprietary information with a third party, perhaps to attract investments, facilitate collaboration, testing market acceptance and market feedback, for purposes of evaluating potential business relationships ...

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Ten questions to ask every inventor (access required)

The patent application process can be long and involved. While there is no shortcut to preparing a patent application, asking a few key questions can identify any issues early, and be used to help guide the inventor through the patent ...

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