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Court Denies Change in Injunction (access required)

In this litigation involving patents-in-suit relating to electronic sourcing systems, which allow prospective buyers to locate items to buy from multiple electronic catalogs, a Richmond U.S. District Court denies defendant’s motion to modify and clarify an injunction against defendant’s continued ...

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Inventor Sues Twitter Over ‘Interactive’ Celebrity Patent (access required)

An inventor who is suing Twitter for infringement of his 2002 patent of a system for “an interactive virtual community of famous people,” or people who want to be famous, has an Alexandria U.S. District Court provide a claim construction ...

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To disclose or not to disclose… (access required)

At some point, your client may be motivated to want to share its confidential and proprietary information with a third party, perhaps to attract investments, facilitate collaboration, testing market acceptance and market feedback, for purposes of evaluating potential business relationships ...

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Ten questions to ask every inventor (access required)

The patent application process can be long and involved. While there is no shortcut to preparing a patent application, asking a few key questions can identify any issues early, and be used to help guide the inventor through the patent ...

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What’s in a trademark? Protecting your brand (access required)

When building a brand, a good trademark can be an invaluable asset. Trademarks are source identifiers. They let consumers know the source of the product or service they are buying and help consumers differentiate among choices. Most commonly they are ...

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Trade secrets – an alternative to patent protection (access required)

Trade secrets can be a valuable alternative to patent protection. While patents can offer strong protection, this protection only lasts a maximum of 20 years and only extends to what is covered by the claims. Moreover, everything in a patent ...

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