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Court Denies Reconsideration of MRI Patent Ruling (access required)

In the University of Virginia Patent Foundation’s suit against GE Healthcare alleging infringement of UVa’s patent on a technique for three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of the human body, a Charlottesville U.S. District Court declines to reconsider its earlier order explaining ...

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Patent Claims Dismissed Under ‘Twiqbal’ (access required)

A Norfolk U.S. District Court applies Twombly and Iqbal to dismiss a suit that alleges in conclusory terms that defendants infringed plaintiff’s patent for methods of conducting electronic discovery. Plaintiff alleges defendants are infringing plaintiff’s patent entitled “Method and System ...

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No Attorney’s Fees in Travel Agency ‘Mark’ Case (access required)

In this trademark suit in which the Alexandria U.S. District Court rejects plaintiff’s claim alleging defendant continued to use a travel agency’s Mark after it sold the agency and Mark together, the court denies defendant’s request for attorney’s fees because ...

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Intellectual Property – APA – Extension Application (access required)

Where the Patent and Trademark Office denied reconsideration of an earlier decision that plaintiff pharmaceutical company’s request for an amended extension application, based on a change in the PTO’s interpretation of 35 U.S.C. § 156(d)(1) that was apparently announced for ...

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Intellectual Property – Venue – Coffee Shop Franchise – Trademark Infringement (access required)

A Charlottesville U.S. District Court transfers to the Alexandria U.S. District Court this suit by plaintiff Delaware corporation alleging that defendants, who live and have their business in Northern Virginia, have infringed plaintiff’s trademark for Greenberry coffee shops with defendants’ ...

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Intellectual Property – Gas Station Fuel Pumps – Claim Construction (access required)

An Alexandria U.S. District Court engages in claim construction in this case involving gas station fuel-pump technology, as part of the case-within-a-case in a malpractice action against an IP firm. The technology in this case relates to gas station fuel ...

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